Ayurvedic Yoga for Autumn
12:45 PM12:45

Ayurvedic Yoga for Autumn

Together we explore basic practices for balancing the qualities of the season.
- Understand the doshas, how they manifest in nature and your body.
- Find balance through appropriate seasonal practice, ritual and nutrition.

Our discussion will incorporate knowledge of
- Solar, Luna considerations for supporting immune function. 
- Foods, herbs and essential oils for the Vata season.

Some level of yoga experience would be helpful in getting the most out of this immersion.

Location - OpenYoga Bern Switzerland

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Women and the Moon
3:00 PM15:00

Women and the Moon

The new moon in October brings a yearning to gather sacred wisdom in preparation for the winter.

Join this circle of women to deepen your connection to the moon and the cycles of your body that it governs.

Basic practices will be explored to strengthen Shakti-prana and thus regulate the womens cycle; throughout all seasons of life.

Components of movement, meditations, mantra and journalling will be incorporated. 

Bring a female friend, plus a favourite note pad and pen.

This Womens circle incorporates feminine practices of embodied Yoga and therefore some readiness for a gentle physical practice is necessary to get the most benefit from the time.

October 7th 1500-1730

Yoga Luna Bern, Switzerland

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to Jun 10

Yoga Teacher Training Bern - group October 2017

For those registered in the October 2017 YTT, this module covers the Ayurvedic approach to Yoga.

Understanding different Yoga teaching methadoligy and it effects on different body/mind constitutions, will equip you for teaching to even the most diverse range of students.

This offering also addresses the very important consideration of self-care for the preservation of your own personal inspiration and wellbeing. Learn More

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