The Power of Essential Oils

Plant medicine is peoples medicine. Enjoy embracing safe and sustainable ways to bring health, harmony and prosperity into your home !

We humans have highly sophisticated immune systems that dynamically protect us and keep us well. Our plant allies also need to protect themselves from non beneficial microbes and bacterias whilst attracting helpful pollinators and propogators to keep their species prospering. To do this they produce Essential Oils. Derived from roots, stems, leaves, needles, seeds, resins, peels, barks, woods, fruits, berries and flowers, essential oils are the extracted essences and immune intelligence of plants. They are extremely potent and aromatically distinct to their origins. For an array of needs from emotional, to cooking, to hormonal and immune support; with a little know how, anyone can utilise these powerful plant medicines for everyday use in and around the home. 

Let me show you how !



How to choose Essential Oils

Quality is paramount in choosing essential oils. In order to maintain safety and efficency, the oils you choose Must be sustainably, indigously sourced and of the highest quality. The oils I recommend are dispensed from one of the the leading, most trusted Essential Oil providers today, who sustainably sources its oils from the countires and communities each plant is native too and has rigorious testing procedures to ensure every drop is the pure essential oil and nothing more, or less. 

Read this blog post to learn more about my process of finding and falling in love with the essential oil company I've chosen to partner with and why you may too !



How to buy your Essential Oils

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Sophia Thompson (Writer) Bern, Switzerland.

Sophia Thompson (Writer) Bern, Switzerland.

The moment I met Amber I felt a type of homecoming set in, the kind that allows you to relax after a long dusty journey back to a familiar and safe place (but better because you don’t have to unpack!) I have felt this personally, in a class, on the yoga mat or most recently, in the discovery of Essential Oils. Her knowledge and authenticity inspire me to the bone every time we meet and I walk away feeling lighter and brighter, seriously.