Ayurveda and Yoga

Like many things in life, lasting change is a process. Slow down, simplify and enjoy the magic of incorperating a sprinkle of Ayurvedic wisdom to inspire. 

Literally translating from Sanskrit as the science of life - the ancient study of Ayurveda is available to anyone and brings teachings to thrive. 

Sister-science to Yoga, the path of uncovering our inner nature and unity with all that is; Ayurveda helps us to arrive at the same beautiful place, a recognition that as much as we are a part of the universe, the universe is a part of us - and all is one.

A direct access attending to our harmony with life, Ayurveda takes the embodied and prayerful approach of Yoga, 'off the mat' to encourage a deeper and more meaningful relationship with every aspect of our day.

Notice... each breath you take, from where is it sourced and to whom do you offer your exhale ? The trees ! Grandmother trees fall her leaves to feed new growth, to nourish budgeoning baby trees and we are a part of that. Such an awareness IS Yoga and to make these realisations in a moment to moment dance of gratitude is to cultivate a recognition of our interconnectedness and thus a profound intimacy with life.

Essentially, both Yoga and Ayurveda teach coherence; For Yoga, coherence born from a meditated mind is the foundation of transcendence and Ayurveda, coherence is the basis to heal.

Yoga and Ayurveda are two sides of the same coin and when used together; 
a very powerful currency.

Foundations of Ayurveda


Five Elements

Ayurveda informs that we are the micro of the macro and the 5 elements forming the universe are the very same 5 elements that make us ! 


Ayurveda seeks to bring coherence to the 5 elements as they manifest within each individual. Any living organism in a natural state of balance has the full potentiality to heal.

Tri Dosha 

Every being is born into a unique combination of the elements with Vata, Pitta and Kapha being the names of the elements in their biological form.

Vata - is about movement and comprises a combination of Air and Ether. 

Pitta - is about metabolism and comprises a combination of Fire and Water. 

Kapha - is about structure and comprises a combination of Earth and Water. 

With every function of the body and mind dependant on the balanced or unbalanced state of the Doshas; finding your own unique combination of the Doshas is an essential step in working to experience as much joy, vitality and radiance in your life as possible.


20 Guna

At is core Ayurveda teaches that like attracts like and to restore or maintain harmony, there needs to be balance. The 20 Guna are a list of opposites that at the basic level, help us to identify where to bring balance to our Dosha. For example, the qualities (gunas) of FIRE are hot, sharp and penetrating. Do you know someone a little 'fiery' - intense, striving, impatient and even a little agro at times ? To bring balance; food, lifestyle and relationship practices that embrace more cooling, playful and relaxed qualities would be beneficial in enhancing ease for the more fiery among us. Think also about those you know that are more 'Earthy' or 'Airy' - Kapha and Vata dominant respectively. 

The first step in working towards balance is achieved by identifying your unique constitution.

The Embody Happy Mentorship Program has it's roots in the teachings of Yoga and Ayurveda.

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I love that Amber adapts the practice to the seasons and the moon cycles, allowing us to connect to the universe. Her lessons are very inspiring and also unconventional, because she integrates practices that are not usually taught: that’s a real gift for her students!
— An anonymous offering (embodied, radiant woman) Bern, Switzerland