MY Philosophy Of Yoga

Yoga is a Sanskrit word with great depth and has a translation meaning to yoke or bind, to unite all that is; the entirely of body soul and mind. Yoga is the antidote to the perception of separation, a complete system to remind us of our interconnectedness with the nature of creation and our perfect place within the five elements of existence. Yoga asks us to see a droplet as non-separate from the ocean, the clouds, condensation clusters of that very same water and our own breath, the carriage of the lifeforce that moves us all.  

For me, Yoga eludes to the way we participate in life; our relationships, choices and the way we alchemise the oftentimes harsh beauty of living all has a place in the day to day grace of honouring the heart.

Each individuals experience of Yoga is unique; as is the way we perceive a babies cry, a bird in flight or sun rise through our own eyes. With Awe at the core - each moment presents as an opportunity to embrace intimacy with what is present. To stand in awe at the centre of the sacred circle that is life, your life, is to experience the magic of possibility.

The way we respond to any given circumstance determines the quality of each moment. Regardless of the moment itself, relaxation within the heart is possible to all. 

Yoga helps us to untie the knots of residual tensions and is ultimately a path of self understanding, an affair with the life force carried by each breath and available to anyone at any time in any stage of life.

As taught to me by my teachers and through direct realisation, Yoga arises when we turn inwards for the infinite rather than constantly seeking happiness externally. All the while, not leaving anything out ! It is completely okay to have desire, in fact Yogic thought embraces all the yearnings of a human life - material welfare, sensual delight, highest service, all preluding the ultimate goal of spiritual realisation, of freedom.  

There are many tools given within the Yoga I offer and all are delightfully intertwined. 

So glad to welcome you here to Yoga and look forward to join you along the way. May something in my words stir the honey of your heart and sweeten your experience of the day ! Namaste, Amber


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Community Classes

Ayurvedic Yoga

Saturday's 1030am Open Yoga, Bern Switzerland.

Wednesday's 1715 Yoga Luna, Bern Switzerland.

This is an open level session with each practice honouring seasonal, lunar and personal patterning; to encourage balance and healing.

To learn more about Ayurveda and the underpinnings of the Ayurvedic Yoga practice, visit


Yoga Trance Dance

Up next - Equinox Autumn Beats - Gather fuel for your Equinox inspiration & feel the pulse of the seasonal shift.



Yoga Teacher Training 2020

Deepen your personal Yoga practice.

Cultivate a curiosity to teach !

In development


Pre & Post Natal Yoga

Online Course. COMING SOON !

To anyone thinking of trying yoga for the first time, you will be very welcome in Amber’s class and I’m sure you’ll think “well this is why people become yoga addicts!” For regular yogis, you’ll be transported by Amber’s voice and encouraged to use your body in ways you haven’t before. Those that live nearby Amber and can practice regularly ….. lucky you!
— Donnelle Hestelow (Owner/Director at Perth, Western Australia
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