“We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are.”
— Anais Nin

Message from Amber...

Happiness is not a destination, rather a vehicle that helps you live your best life - and being healthy is an important part of that equation! I am an Integrative Health Coach with decades of Yoga experience and a huge passion for creating positive change in simple and sustainable everyday ways. As your knowledgeable advisor, I will personally support you in identifying and overcoming hurdles, setting goals and achieving results. Whether you wish to boost your energy, loose weight, improve relationships, establish a fulfilling career or explore spirituality; I will provide a framework of resources and support so that you can truly explore your own unique way to Embody Happy, for life.


Options For Coaching



Free 45 minute consultation

Connect via audio or video to assess wether we make a good team to get you where you want to go ! 

This consult serves as an exploration into where you are right now and how the Embody Happy coaching program can support you in achieving your goals. 

I'll share a bit about what we can do and how we do it, together.

The initial consult is the beginning of your journey and the first step in propelling you forward into the life of living your greatest desire.

When there is mutual agreement that the program is truly a fit for us both, we begin. Or not, and we get clear on this when we chat !

Essentially that is the first step. Are you curious ? 


Embody Happy Mentorship Program

Life happens. Whilst you are busy doing other things, connect and stay connected to the way you truly want to live !

This 6 month program is designed to promote lasting and enjoyable change. Following our initial consultation, goals will be set and a path will be shown. We will meet 2 times every month either in person or via Skype. Following each session, simple hOMework will be given to maintain the momentum it will require to bring you into alignment with your truth.

Mentoring is a favourite part of the work I get to do. It's a privilage and a joy to partner with inspiring souls on a journey to ‘Embody the Happy’ they know in their deepest heart is true.

If you are feeling a big YES, all the way to your bliss ->

Positive changes in my life have resulted from Ambers influence, support and guidance. My life is better for having known her and I am eternally grateful. To me she is a mentor, teacher and friend.
— Keita Burrell (Yoga Teacher, birthing and postpartum coach) Perth, Western Australia