Natalie Snooke (founder and director, Momentum Coaching & Yoga) Perth, Western Australia

Natalie Snooke (founder and director, Momentum Coaching & Yoga) Perth, Western Australia

Amber is a teacher and healer in the truest sense of the words.

Wise, caring, compassionate and empowering, she touches and inspires all those with whom she contacts.

I’ve personally benefited from her wisdom at several workshops in Perth where she integrated the lifestyle approaches of Yoga, Ayurveda and coaching, into a rich, life-changing experience for participants.

I highly recommend Amber to you.

Donnelle Hestelow (Owner/Director at Perth, Western Australia

Donnelle Hestelow (Owner/Director at Perth, Western Australia

Yoga with Amber is the best “type” of yoga. I’ve been lucky enough to practice with Amber for over 10 years.
We met in a fitness centre yoga class while I was dashing to lunchtime classes in between meetings and the general busyness of corporate life. Even in that time I found sweet escape in Amber’s classes. I love the sweat we built in prana based classes and then the ultimate relaxation of savasana. Many times the monkey mind has slowed and thoughts have disappeared – very sweet when it happens! I followed Amber to studios around Perth, being more loyal to her and her teaching than to a particular studio or style. I have gone on retreat with Amber to Bali many times and also to Margaret River in Western Australia. I raved so much about the retreats that I got my husband into yoga! He also finds something special in Amber’s approach. When I was travelling for work Amber sent me classes by drop box to do in my hotel room. Such is the power of her voice that I felt she was with me.
While pregnant with my son I sought Amber’s advice holistically to nurture myself and my baby and as always her instincts and advice were spot on. When Amber moved to Switzerland I missed her so much I couldn’t do a yoga class for many months. I couldn’t find the right fit. The way Amber honours her teachers and adds her measure of spice is impossible to replicate.
To anyone thinking of trying yoga for the first time, you will be very welcome in Amber’s class and I’m sure you’ll think “well this is why people become yoga addicts!” For regular yogis, you’ll be transported by Amber’s voice and encouraged to use your body in ways you haven’t before. Those that live nearby Amber and can practice regularly ….. lucky you!

Linda Jayanara (Yoga Teacher and Healer at ) Bern, Switzerland

Linda Jayanara (Yoga Teacher and Healer at Bern, Switzerland

Amber is a  powerful and lovingly radiating woman.

I deeply appreciate her wise presence and her ability to sense what’s going on on all levels.

She ties her spiritual and healing knowledge into practical daily life in such a graceful way.

I feel very inspired by her.

Sophia Thompson (Writer) Bern, Switzerland.

Sophia Thompson (Writer) Bern, Switzerland.

The moment I met Amber I felt a type of homecoming set in, the kind that allows you to relax after a long dusty journey back to a familiar and safe place (but better because you don’t have to unpack!) I have felt this personally, in a class, on the yoga mat or most recently, in the discovery of essential oils. 

Her knowledge and authenticity inspire me to the bone every time we meet and I walk away feeling lighter and brighter, seriously.

And if these weren’t already beautiful qualities to find in a person, there is also her heart, so big and lovely but also fierce with all the courage of a lioness, I count myself lucky to have her on my side. 

I can recommend working with Amber on every level, not only will you grow in the space you create together, but you will feel supported the whole way on your limitless path!

Keita Burrell (Yoga Teacher, birthing and postpartum coach) Perth, Western Australia

Keita Burrell (Yoga Teacher, birthing and postpartum coach) Perth, Western Australia

Positive changes in my life have resulted from Ambers influence, support and guidance. My life is better for having known her and I am eternally grateful. To me she is a mentor, teacher and friend.

In 2002 I attended my first yoga class at Fitness First in Perth with Amber as the yoga teacher. As a 22 year old my body, mind and spirit were in a terrible and unhealthy state. My muscles were so tight, especially my shoulder muscles which were as hard as bone. I had very limited flexibility. I had major problems with self-esteem, anxiety and depression although I didn't admit these to anyone. I also had regular migraines. Amber was so welcoming and gave her students permission to rest when needed, which I needed a lot at the beginning. I always felt much better mentally as well as physically after leaving her classes. I kept going back to her classes week after week feeling better and better.

In 2005 I attended a week long yoga retreat facilitated by Amber and three other yoga teachers. During this time I got a few massages from Amber and felt the immediate relief. I continued to get a weekly massage from Amber for about a year and then regular massages while she lived in Perth.

Due to her training in massage she has an in depth knowledge of anatomy which serves her well.

Amber got me interested in my own wellness and I started investing time (and money) into myself to start making changes in my life. She helped me to improve my life in so many ways. I have progressed from that unhappy and unhealthy 22 year old to a much happy and healthier woman. My muscles are almost normal and my flexibility is a thousand times better. I have greater self-esteem and less anxiety and depression. My migraines are less frequent and server. I have more energy and a greater quality of life. I have come such a long way, and Amber and yoga were the catalyst I needed to change my life for the better. I will continue to strive to make further improvements and plan to get healthier with age.

I have known Amber Spear for 13 years. We met when we were teaching at the same venue.

Since then we have followed each others lives through teaching, co creating yoga events, travelling to India, moving countries and now entering the life of parenthood.

She is one of these clever caring types who has the 'knack of delivery' and who is authentic in her delivery on her take on yoga and life.

That’s what I like the most about Amber, she is authentic and worth spending some time with, super real and a terrific human being.

Cameron Coutts - (Senior Yoga Teacher) Perth, Western Australia

Cameron Coutts - (Senior Yoga Teacher) Perth, Western Australia

Janet Orzechowski (Yoga Teacher Trainer and director Yoga Luna Studio) Bern, Switzerland

Janet Orzechowski (Yoga Teacher Trainer and director Yoga Luna Studio) Bern, Switzerland

Ambers classes always inspire me. She is a warm hearted, true and passionate teacher.

Ambers teaching always have a deeper context and this means you leave her class feeling lighter in both body and mind.

Her experience and expertise across so many areas, means that as a student, you can gain so much knowledge both on the yoga mat and beyond.

What I love the most is her authentic curiosity towards so many different philosophies and health topics.

Thanks Amber.

Amber’s presence is a loving gift for anyone fortunate enough to be there.

Deeply grounded she brings a space of acceptance and allowing that is healing.

Her lifelong dedication to her passion is truely inspiring and has yielded amazing results.

I highly recommend working with her.
Travis English (Coach and Mentor) Dunsborough, Western Australia

Travis English (Coach and Mentor) Dunsborough, Western Australia

An anonymous offering (embodied, radiant woman)  Bern, Switzerland

An anonymous offering (embodied, radiant woman)

Bern, Switzerland

I love Amber's classes. She is a special teacher to me, because she allowed me to connect to something deeper. Thanks to her I now know that yoga is not performing the most difficult asanas, but be present and  connect the movement with the breath and listen to the deeper wisdom that resides in us. 

I also love that she adapts the practice to the seasons and the moon cycles, allowing us to connect to the universe. 

Her lessons are very inspiring and also unconventional, because she integrates practices that are not usually taught: that's a real gift for her students!

I also had a coaching with her. She accompanied me in a difficult period of my life with a lot of sensitivity and compassion. She gave me some precious tools and opened my mind to new points of views, allowing me to see the world in a different manner.

Therese de Wolf (Coach at Perth, Western Australia

Therese de Wolf (Coach at Perth, Western Australia


Amber is a woman of quality and integrity.

If you are fortunate enough to cross paths with her you can be assured everything she shares with you is from deeply felt and experienced wisdom.

Her knowledge comes from diligent research and practical application within her own lifestyle which gives her teachings a very genuine and heart centred orientation.

Her personal embodiment, sensitivity and awareness is exceptional.

Working with her is a beautiful gift to yourself.