Rasayana recipes for Nourishing your Strength



Path (āyana) of essence (rasa)

  1. walking the path of sacred wisdom.

  2. an Ayurvedic concoction for longevity, radiance and health.

Herein are a couple of my current favourite Rasayana recipes for you today - inspired by the Autumn here in Switzerland, her sweeping cedar hues and green to golden change - these nourishing preparations are made with sustaining Ojas (longevity) in mind.

Autumn especially is a fabulous time of the year to embrace the potent potion making potential of yummy nourishing drinks.

But first, a little about Ojas; what is it and how to strengthen yours.

Backgroud story

Contrary to common assumption, the Doshas that we know as Kapha, Pitta and Vata, are actually not seen in such positive light Ayurvedically so. Their tendancy to excess, implies the potential of disease. However each has a subtle counterpart known as Ojas, Tejas and Prana.

  • Ojas is the beneficial role of Kapha dosha and means strength.

  • Tejas is from Pitta dosha and the means radiance.

  • Prana is of Vata and eludes to the vital essence of life.

Together they work to encompass health within.

Back to Ojas

Ojas is heartiness, deep tissue health and resilience. It is the biological water humor, immunity and our mental emotional harmony and strength.

The equivalent of Ojas in Traditional Chinese Medicine is called Jing and both TCM and Ayurveda imply that we are born with a certain amount and it declines with the natural process of aging, yet can be preserved with appropriate life-stlye choices.

In a nutshell, Ojas is important and to Nourish your Strength (check out my upcoming workshop) is an important factor in bolstering mind-body-spirit health.

Visit the  Events  page for details

Visit the Events page for details

5 quick tips to Strengthen Ojas

  1. Rest; take it easy. Don’t overdo yourself and make time to pause.

  2. Nutrition; not to much, not too little. Ayurvedic, vegetarian preference. Fresh is best.

  3. Devotion; have faith, practice forgiveness and patience. Handle pleasure and pain with equanimity.

  4. Meditate; let the mind be witnessed for a bit and hang out with the witness. Bliss.

  5. Time communing with nature; get out an be an Earthling, the other 4 tips will take care of themselves ;)

Now time for your Rasayana drink recipes !

The following Rasayana recipe is very good as a grounding pre-bedtime treat. Substitute the milk as you desire and the dates for honey if you are following a Kapha reducing program. As you gain familiarity with the spices, play around with the measures according to your taste.



  • 1 cup almond milk

  • 1 tsp Ghee

  • 1/8 tsp Nutmeg (fresh ground is more effective in sleep supporting benefits)

  • 1 tsp cinnamon

  • 1.5 medjoule dates (optional for extra grounding) or honey if watching Kapha

  • pinch saffron (optional)


  • Warm your ingredients on the stove.

  • Transfer to a blender to blitz into a warm creamy whip.

  • Sip by candlelight and slip into a serene night time sleep.

Enjoy this mojo building pre-bedtime treat that will melt cravings and stress into deep restful dreams. 


Stress busting afternoon tea.jpg


  • 1/2 cup almond milk

  • 1/2 cup water (or a pre brewed tea of choice - I like liquorice root at the moment)

  • 1/4 teaspoon of your rejuvenating tonic herb of choice (*Ashwaganda or *Shatavari powder)

  • 1/4 teaspoon turmeric

  • Crack of black pepper

  • 1 crushed Cardamom pod (OR dip a toothpick into your doTERRA Cardamom essential oil and stir it into the finished drink)


  • Cook your ingredients on the stove

  • Strain and sweeten to taste

  • Enjoy as a warm, calming Autumn afternoon treat

*Although typically safe, please check with your local Ayurvedic practitioner for your own personal indication of use.

Want more yummy Ojas building recipes ?

Did you like either of these recipes ?

Did you try them ?

Hit the love heart button if you did and let me know how you went.

I love to read you and reply each time.

Love and hearty Rasayana vibes,

Amber xoxo

Becoming Autumn Shakti

anjanasana Amber Spear.jpg

There is no more a more beautiful time for light than in the Autumn, the way she plays on the ever-changing greens, splays a peachy hue throughout the crisp clear blue and seems to be making gold crested jewels of all the fallen. 

I appreciate the majesty of such change with full awareness that soon the stripped bare trees sleep naked, nourished only at the roots under the deepening winter grey.

Shakti, the primordial force: The nature. Our living mother earth. The provider of all to all and so full of might.

What is Shakti ?

Derived from the root 'shak,' which means the potential to produce – the assertion of the word is a direct nod to the inherent creative prowess of the feminine; Shakti is the earliest term applied to the divine feminine and is used in a multitude of ways all eluding to the one common parameter which is ‘power, force and feminine energy.’ 

Autumn colours leaves.jpg

From the Vedas, with the key focus of living light - Yoga & Ayurveda - the guide books for here and beyond, provide sensible and sustainable pathways, simple reminders to honour the forces that shift day to night, in and through all seasonal change.

From where we create

The Tantric teachings of energy, that communicate the complete interconnectedness of all of life, have some darkness, of course. The very meaning of Hatha yoga implies polarity and gives us a direct access point, via body and breath relationship, to find the balance existing between the marriage of the two. Such a practice need not be difficult and unbearably physically contorting, rather it’s a simple embodied exchange between the inhalation, exhalation (strength and receiving) aspect of ourself and possibly extremely healing to all who wish to partake.

Have you ever had the experience of darkness ? Of being overcome ?

Depression, anxiety, fearfulness, abandonment are some.

The shoulders arch like a bow over the heart and our arrow of tender awareness fails to meet its mark. Its a tough place to be and we’ve all had our moment there.

Sit tall. Stand tall. Dandasana. Tadasana.

Carry the arms over head on a steady in-breath and circle them back on the exhale. Pause to feel into the softness of your belly. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

And then there comes the light.

Perhaps the first time, the pain of not seeing your eternal sunshine lasted a long time - a year, more. 

And then the next the suffering was less, the light shone a little sooner and when it happened again, the darkened cave was just as deep yet a somewhat easier retreat. There was a beam of sunlight piercing the void, almost as though it was a rope you had placed there before. And that was exactly what you had done. You had garnered tools. 

Start now.

Have you ever experienced your one precious life in these ways ?

Born from the same stuff as Stars, we were made from light and the revelation of that as a living reality is each and every one of our birthrights. But when the darkness is rife, at some point a learning Must arise that there is choice; we can bring in the light and move through that darkness at any time. The darkness need only be a passing lesson and when living light, this is a daily choice.

Autumn flower.jpg

Be with the body

At a time when myself and my allies were experimenting with varied tapas of the consciousness expansion kind - often misguided at best - I'm talking, rapid ‘kundalini shakti’ rise that couples with taking one to the very edge of the mind; One of the most outstanding pieces of advice I was given was this -

“We have a body to live within. We are here to live. Don’t forsake the body. When there is any mental anguish, splitting-off, anxiety or strain; attend to the body. Learn how to care for, bring routine too and ground the body. And so you will learn about the nature of mind.”

Little did I know it at the time, this was pure Ayurvedic advice - Life Science in its most simple form. Your body is the temple of your soul. Care for it well and you will be rewarded with health that paves the way for deeper dimensions of human-divine contentment.

Caring for the body is a practice of compassionate care. Caring for the body is a practice of showing up daily to experience what is there.

Amber Spear lunge.jpg

As above so below

At this time of year, in this season of My own life; as I move upon the yoga mat in a daily expression of embodied prayer, I notice the elements of Autumn that make up the cold air, the roughened and dry leaves, also find their way into my body. My joints clack a little more than they did a month ago and it seems like there is less stretch available immediately in my side-body. And yet, as a witness to this micro-cosmic phenomena, I practice to offer the warm awareness of my breath, to melt and smooth out any compiled strain or stress. 

It seems as though during the Autumn months (and possibly winter too) this observation can some days be a little uncomfortable to bare.

But I commit to Go there and resurface, each time, like new.

Autumn Dalia.jpg

It’s not news

We live in a world that is filled with tension and this tension effects everyone of us on some level of body, mind and soul and it is now more than ever that the guidebooks of the Yogas and Ayurveda, for here and beyond, are given to help. The shared core teachings of which, are to honour each other, the mother - the earth - the five elements, the energies that shift and transform our external and internal worlds, so seemingly too rapidly. 

Such processes are easier for some and for this very reason, a tender piece this was for me to write. And perhaps an even more tender piece for you to read. There is much suffering in our communities and the greater world at large, it is so easy to see.

Look then as a start, to the beauty within your neighbouring tree and witness the majesty of her transformations annually. Notice the small plants and animals and then find someone to share your miraculous insight with, joyfully. Be the change.

Start with the breath.

Follow with kindness, in anyway you may.

And continue with deep faith, every single day.

Namaste love,



Every word written here is from my own direct experience and I deeply honour the embodied, kind, mutually respectful, accessible, authentic and enlivened teachers that have given me guidance along the way - to live fully and centred within expanded capacity.

I offer these writings to you from my heart. There is no dogma, no religious connotations, no suggesting that you ‘should’ be any other way that you already blessedly are - You are perfect exactly how you are and that’s the point ! - Rather a language is given, one that eludes to a pathway that you might enjoy walking for the miracle of You. 

Upon the Yoga mat, we practice to bring strength and flexibility to not only the body, also to witness the nature of the mind. It's enjoyable and it's beautiful. Similarly within the Embody Happy coaching program and the propagation of plant medicine for all. If I can be of service in anyway, please reach out.

Lead photos at The Federal Palace of Switzerland; Bundeshaus Bern

photographer credit - Nicolas Ipina

CONSOLE Essential Love, the next best thing to a big hug

doTERRA Console.jpg

Frankincense, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, Labdanum, Amyris, Sandalwood, Rose, Osmanthus

Console diffused has a resinous sweetness that lands in the lungs like a kindly grandmotherly hug.


I think I love it but maybe more so, I think it loves me.


And that's a wonderful feeling, to be loved, held and seen.


That’s the effect of Console, diffused and topically.


In times of deep grief, release and despondency - when you are ready to be held and willing to settle into the spaciousness of tender peace.


Mix a *3% dilution of Console into a warm Abhyanga (self massage) blend.

After you are bathed, dressed and warm;

Diffuse 3-4 drops and directly inhale the mist.


Sit with a hot tea and be with the grandmotherly presence of Console.


If you can, go to sleep.


Continue to apply Console to pulse points daily until the intensity has abated.

*dilution recommended for a healthy adult

Console is a blend that is good to have on hand.

Would you like to purchase a bottle of doTERRA Console for your own ?

Ayurvedic Autumn feels




  1. a woman in a position of authority or control.

    "she is always mistress of the situation, coolly self-possessed" - Google Dictionary

I often feel as though I’ve two mistresses.

Both devastatingly beautiful, unique, giving and gracefully bold in their own right.

The longest relationship, with me in and through, is with the one who nourished my blood and bones during the early years and the other; she bathes my curiosity here and now as an adult.

Deeply enchanted by the wisdoms given by both, I make best efforts to stay centred within the contrast and am humbled by the blessings of living such a high quality conundrum !

If this all sounds a little mysterious, I am describing two entirely differing terrains of the great Mother; my birth country Australia and the land Switzerland upon which I currently reside and raise my family.

As the Swiss Autumn seasonal cycle ignites, her peachy hue of softening light swoons upon my senses and I find myself devouring the transition with all the devotion of a Yogi adept to noticing and alchemising it all.

Home is a vulnerable topic for me, as any soil born baby would relate with; finding themselves planting roots over lands formed beyond unfamiliar seas.

Even after 7 years here abroad, the conversation is ever fresh and vulnerable.. But Not in a dry, rough or cold way, (which are all qualities of the deepening Autumn season) rather a yielding, abiding warmth and sweetness maintains; ever enhanced with a dash of saltiness (at times) and harnessed by ‘sour power’ which moistens the palette and brings any dispersed energy of the spirit back to the heart.

As children of the divine we must allow our humanness to shine. In and through every quality and taste of life, it is always a good idea to honour and bow to the magic of the unseen; to recognise the cyclical nature of things and see that in every season there are so many ways to embody harmony.

Ayurveda, the science of life, so beautifully neutralises all the complexity of wonderment with one core teaching and it is this.

Like attracts like and opposites harmonise

Attributes of Autumn.jpg.png

With the rise here in the Northern Hemisphere of Autumn, we begin to experience the environment becoming more cold, dry, rough and light. These are all qualities of the Vata dosha, born from the elements - air and space.

For those with more Vata in their constitution, this is the perfect seasonal opportunity to ensure that all the practices of lifestyle and nutrition that encourage moistening, warming, soothing and grounding are embraced - as these are the balancing qualities of Vata, the harmonising counterparts.

The chart to the right highlights in red the main attributes of nature that come from the elements Air & Space - the Vata dosha. Invite balance by seeking practices that encourage harmonising these qualities in your daily life.

Nutritionally, consider that the elemental construction of Vata - Air and Space, is Bitter in taste and thus grounded by Sweet, Sour and Salty on the palette.

Tastes to favour in Autumn.jpg.png

This linked recipe for Dandelion Pesto respectfully bids the Summer season adieu with a tilt of the hat to the Bitter taste helpful for balancing Pitta dosha, which culminates to a peak in the body from about now to mid November.

For those with more Pitta in their constitution - Fire with a little Water for flare - you may well be experiencing the elevation by way of inflammation, skin irritation, easily overheated mind body and emotion.

In such case, adhere to Pitta balancing Yoga, lifestyle and dietary guidelines to enjoy some relief until the Pitta declining rise of winter.

For those already feeling blown away by the Autumn breeze, check out this post with 3 yummy recipes to help fill your seasonal transition with thoroughly enjoyable eats.

I hope these words are helpful to you. Reach out and let me know in the comments below. I love to read you and respond to every one.

Love and peachy Autumn sun,

Amber xoxox

WILD ORANGE Essential Love, perfect for Vata support

(Citrus Sinensis)  “Wild Orange, Oh sweet friend  Be with me, fill my senses with clarity quell this lofty illusion of scarcity  I love your warmth and zest enduring.”

(Citrus Sinensis)
“Wild Orange, Oh sweet friend
Be with me, fill my senses with clarity quell this lofty illusion of scarcity
I love your warmth and zest enduring.”

With a nature that revitalises and uplifts, Wild Orange is an oil that helps us to let go of challenging days. Because being over-wired and over-tired got no-one anywhere, ever.

An immensely friendly oil, Wild Orange disguises her clarifying temperament with a sweet and playful presence that encourages the re-arranging of unhelpful perceptions.

For many, she quenches an insatiable inhale and allows the exhale to lengthen; bringing a knowing reminder that sweetness ripens in learning how to let go, root down and receive.

For clarifying the emotions

  • Place a drop directly into the hand, rub palms vigorously and deeply inhale. Enjoy a long exhale and then repeat, repeat, repeat.

For household love

  • Add to your DIY surface spray cleaner to cleanse and purify.

  • Diffuse a few drops to clean the air and uplift energetic space.

Health and wellbeing

  • Enjoy a drop in a teaspoon of honey to soothe a sore throat and bolster immune function.

  • For muscle inflammation, mix a 3% dilution with a carrier oil and massage over the site.

  • For difficulty relaxing at bed-time mix a 2% dilution with a carrier and massage into the feet.

Food and cooking

  • For a special spritzer treat, mix 1-2 drops in a little honey and stir into drinking water.

  • Add a drop or two to your morning smoothie to add a pop of orange taste.

  • 1-2 drops in a pumpkin spice cake is Delicious !

    Wild Orange is a beautiful and safe oil to welcome into your home.

Would you like to purchase a bottle of doTERRA Wild Orange for your own ?

Dandelion Greens Pesto Recipe

The beginning of Autumn is a great time to harvest bunches of yummy bitter Dandelion greens. You would regularily find me and the boys, in our yard plucking juicy Dandelion leaves to prepare for good eats.

I’m often intrigued by fellow lookers-on who comment with shock that Dandelion leaves are something we eat. Commonly referred to as weeds and overlooked by many, these generous plants give their whole body to nourish ours. The strong bitter taste in the leaves stimulates the secretion of bile in the liver and gall bladder which in turn cleanses and cools the blood to flush out excess Pitta heat.

The way I see it is that if there is an abundance of this medicinal plant growing so happily in ones own garden, then this is a strong sign from nature that this is a medicine that is begging to be seen. Learn about it and accordingly proceed !

The following Pesto recipe is a really handy to have at the ready and can bring an otherwise simple meal together by making up all 6 tastes. It can be stirred into almost anything - rice, pasta, potatoes or used as a dip with vegetables and a spread for bread. The possibilities are endless.

I make a full batch of this pesto recipe and freeze what I know I cant use within a few days; which packs a wonderful burst of nutrition to winter meals in a pinch.

FYI -> Ayurveda teaches us that the prana in food is diminished when the food is not eaten fresh. Use your discernment in this regard. It always good to know the ‘rules’ yet even better to use them for ones own encouragement rather than discouragement.

In my opinion, its a far more sattvic choice to consume a little home made pesto from the freezer rather than a glass of rum and a defrosted factory farm steak !

Small steps to thriving health must be enjoyable. Sustainable transformation is a journey of love, kindness, patience and time.

Enjoy :)



dandelion greens pesto.jpg.png
  • 1/2 cup pinenuts

  • 3 cloves of garlic (diced)

  • 2 cups of fresh dandelion greens (chopped)

  • 1 Tablespoon lemon juice

  • 1 Tablespoon lemon zest

  • 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil

  • 1/2 teaspoon sea salt

  • 1 teaspoon turmeric powder

  • 1/2 teaspoon freshly cracked black pepper

  • 1/4 cup grated parmesan cheese 


  • process all the ingredients (except the parmesan cheese) in a food processor until smooth. Add more oil if required

  • Add the parmesan and blend until smooth

  • Refrigerate in a jar covering the top with a little more olive oil

  • Enjoy within a few days.

Do you like it ? Did you try it ? Let me know in the comments below.

I love to read you and will reply every time.

Love, Amber

The True Meaning of Meditation

In our daily life, body, mind and consciousness exist together.

Ayurveda says that heaven is in the heart and it is therefore in everyone. 

Carried by and intimately connected with our breath, Prana (life force) is the very essence of the bodily soul and sits as witness to all experience, within the heart pulsing in our chest. 

Developed in utero long before the brain and providing a tender rhythm to live by, the heart is the very seat of consciousness and when compassionate care and love are revealed here, heaven is unfolded in ones life.

When when the heart stops, the breath ceases, the pupils dilate and consciousness leaves the body. 

Without the pulse of the heart there is no life.

Meditate on this.

Marma Therapy from Dr Vasant Lad - Cologne Germany

Marma Therapy from Dr Vasant Lad - Cologne Germany

Meditate to reveal the nature of LOVE within your heart as love equals awareness, freedom, clarity and compassion. Love is not the opposite of hate. Love is LOVE and love pervades all. 

Meditation is a necessary pathway to access the deep wealth of relaxation within the tender beating human heart, for the body is innocent and the mind is not ! Beyond any physical suffering a psychological suffering that is far deeper and wider resides. 

Meditation can therefore be the grandest adventure in the life of a human being. It is the journey of going inwards and engaging completely with the pulse of the whole.

Without meditation our life manifests as a series of problem after problem. A macroscopic vortex of myopic sight. Without meditation life becomes hell and with meditation life becomes heaven; both of which are not geographical places. In and through every experience, can be found deep grace.

Nepal October 2004 101.JPG

story medicine

Earlier in my life I ventured through the Himalaya’s. It was a wonderful journey that severed any attachments I had to material comforts for the time, and awakened an inner resiliency of witnessing that I could survive with only basic supplies, shelter, food, water and the deepening whisper of compassionate love. It was tough. 

At one point on the way up to Mount Everest Base camp, I felt incredible pain in my hands and feet. They were frozen cold, fast turning blue and painfully numb. My mind was screaming “Why have I done this ?! Get me a f#^k’ng helicopter out of here !” 

And yet with a face of steely resolve, I knew I had only one choice and that was to go. go. go. and so, I continued to trek solo across the uneven white spattered grey, SO MUCH PAIN.

Biting back the bitter cold and suffocating on a lump of dry in my throat, the body just kept going. But how ? My senses were frayed and the driver in my head was a complete mess ! 

Hearing the crunching of snow beneath my every step, feeling the pounding of heart in my chest; so fierce and yet so tender, knowing, dedicated and sweet.. I looked up and in that moment I saw it.


Pausing on an altitude of 5000+ meters with laboured breath, a stream of sunlight peaked over a mountain and lit up the path not too far from my stride; splashing it with sparkling reflections of its might and glittering icicles like diamonds. 

Nepal October 2004 198.jpg

The ominous shadows of my mountainous perceptions only moments ago, transformed into the bright white robes of bejewelled princesses. Goddess Saraswati supremely beckoning me into her luminescent embrace.

I walked on and crossed that very real line from dark to light. In one step all my pain melted away and like a river, warm tears defrosted the face of my experience to reveal the heaven that was always there.

Pure awe engulfing grace.

From one moment to the next, night surrendered to day.

Mount Everest Base Camp

Mount Everest Base Camp

Nepal October 2004

Nepal October 2004

Exalted, I kept climbing, and I keep climbing all ways. The experiences change however, by the blessed beat of my heart, by the meditation on her; what remains, what this fallible human must maintain is a surrender to the knowledge and experience of that deep all-pervasive love.

Pure awe engulfing GRACE.

With SHERPA - the true hero's of the Himalaya's. Neima, Dolche and Mingma.

With SHERPA - the true hero's of the Himalaya's. Neima, Dolche and Mingma.

Here is what my teacher Dr Vasant Lad has to say about going on big outward journeys of self discovery vs the actual power of real Meditation.

Your Himalaya is your heart, your home, your life, what is the use of a big pilgrimage if you still act stupid when you come back !? If you really meditate it should change your life.
— Dr Vasant Lad
Dr Vasant Lad Summer Intensive 2018 - Cologne Germany

Dr Vasant Lad Summer Intensive 2018 - Cologne Germany

So what is meditation ?

Meditation is the moment to moment awareness of what is. 

YOU are what is.

If anger is passing through, THAT is what is. 

The moment we see what we don’t like and create what it ‘should’ be, an idea is born which sends us chasing an illusion of what should be, of what could be and so feeds an experience of discontented misery.

Meditate at any moment in your day to day life. Meditation is relating with what is present, wether it be as an embodied dance between body and breath on the Yoga mat, or within the relationship between Husband to Wife ! Within all interactions, drop into the heart space and connect to the reality that is present.

Recognise your emotions and when you notice anger or fear is passing, give complete attention to the passing. 

Awareness is love. 

Can you love your fear ? 

Can you love your anger ? 

Love is contagious, anything that touches love transforms, it becomes love ! 

Love is not the opposite of hate. 

Love is not the opposite of anger.

Perhaps the fear or anger comes to you to open the doors of love !

We live in a society where love is viewed as the opposite of hate. The context of this conversation however, is something different entirely.

Experience your anger or fear each time as NEW, fresh and alive. Negate the tricky tendency to label the sensation from a past memory, marking it as anger or fear - can you watch your emotion without labelling it ? Can you go with your anger or fear without using the words anger or fear ? 

Words are nothing more than symbols that we use as a language for communication, which is something I have witnessed so intimately watching my two little boys grow. My husband and I both are so careful with the broadening vocabulary we speak around the boys (in two languages) because each word acts as a symbol, a gateway to a new world of imagination and emotion which can lead their developing minds one way or another. 

The malleable mind

The malleable mind

Meditation therefore is watching emotions without labelling them, allowing them to fully pass whilst being the loving witness to the enormity of the human feeling.

Quite the task ! But if you are doing this, if you can keep-on-keep-on this path, then what happens is that everything is new and fresh. Old knots are untied from the subconscious mind and it becomes easier and easier to dwell within the heart.

Giving full awareness to the moment becomes like a sun beam on a tentative blossom; the touch of your awareness gifts the flowering of anger or fear to become love.

Is that what you want ?

Be bathed in the soothing balm of knowledge that meditation is with you all the time. Grace is with you All the time. Accept that you have some choice.

Enjoy your postural meditation for sure - yet realise that like the breath, meditation is happening to you and can occur anywhere.

With Love,

with Meditative Awareness,

with Grace,



Meditative awareness - LOVE - is the intention held within this webspace as well as each and all of my personal and professional places; for it has been my experience that mutual respectful and loving relation over time, ignites positive and lasting change. 

Upon the Yoga mat, we practice to bring strength and flexibility to not only the body, also to witness the nature of the mind. It's enjoyable and it's beautiful. Similarly within the Embody Happy coaching program and the propagation of plant medicine for all. If I can be of service in anyway, please reach out.

Additional inspirations for this writing:

  • Personally written notes from the lecture; 'Meditation for self healing' - Dr Vasant Lad Summer Intensive 2018 Cologne, Germany

  • Photo credit; Himalayas, Nepal 2004 - Linda Baker


The gift of Spiritual Practice

July 23rd.

I was born under the Winter stars of the Southern constellation. The moon and sun illuminate my sign; I was born to embody both.

Living and celebrating my birthday in mid Summer Switzerland is novel. 

My moon sign is Cancer, meaning that as extroverted as a sun Lioness I may seem, I’ve an inner world that's watery, sensitive, mystical and deep.

I was made for the Feminine; to welcome the Masculine force of my soul.

The path I walk in life is erected from their polar dance and thus my devotion to embodying and embracing the essence of them both.

I practice a style of Yoga called HATHA which is the foundation of all the embodied practices we commonly know; and its roots blossom from TANTRA, the basic understanding that all is interweaved and we are invited to view every experience as a part of the wondrous whole.

It's not that complex. It's courage and compassion. It's diligence and surrender. It's offering up all our efforts to GRATITUDE, with awe and bowing to the unknown, for we are here blessed with life and all is borrowed. When life expires, nothing comes with. We are all we seek.


Sun Moon

Warm Cool

Fire Water

Out In

Male Female

Logical Intiative

Hard Soft

Dominant Submissive

Up Down

Life Death

Movement Stillness

Every year, no matter where I am in the world, I know that the sun returns to shine on the soils where my mother bled for me and I offer gratitude in the form of devotion. To follow are the precepts of my spiritual practice and a deepening focus for my souls next trip around our wonderful Earths Sun. I offer each with a little expansion on the theme. 

May you be inspired to remember who you are. I love you, you are love.

Namaste, Amber

The Gift of Spiritual practice.

1. Honesty

Be present and honest for all emotions, allow each pleasant-joyful and icky-sticky one. For this type of honesty is the basis of a Spiritual practice. 

2. Awaken with Gratitude

How we go to sleep has a likely effect on how we awaken; and I find that awakening with gratitude can set a helpful tone for bolstering a nourishing evening sleep. At the first instance of awakening, catch your awareness with a tickle of Thanks. Maybe your bed is cozy, your dreams sweet, the birds are singing or even quite simply cherish the gift of the new day. 

In the interweaving of life we ride upon a spiral of habits that either help or harm, choose the helpful ones and repeat, repeat, repeat.

3. Start each day with a prayer for self and for another. 

In its essence a prayer is simply, some well intentioned positive thought. Nothing is asked for, rather gratitude is offered for what is already given. 

An example of a prayer for self;

Grace me with clarity, fill me with compassion so I may remember the innate beauty of my nature and the truth beyond any strain. I am so grateful for the lessons and blessings in my life, I am paying attention. Thank you thank you thank you...


An example of a prayer for another;

May this person be gifted with clarity. May this person be filled with compassion and meet with their innate beauty. May they realise the truth of their deepest heart. So many blessings for this person. Thank you thank you thank you...


3. A sacred space

I've an alter that my children look at and yet instinctively know they are not permitted to touch. For them, it's more than doing as Mama asks, this sacred space holds an energy around it that was birthed long before them.

They have seen Mama gazing upon a quite flame here, meditating, postulating and tending to the pictures, plants and ornaments that seem to magically quieten the entire space. I’ve cuddled them both in my lap here as we’ve sat in Pranayama upon a Yoga mat and even still…. I've noticed as they have grown, our entire little home has become their playground and I am less ‘Alter entrained'. At first I found challenge in practicing in an unallocated space but now something has changed. My alter stays and yet forsaking austerity, I roll out my Yoga mat amidst the chaos and place a few select items to recreate a micro sacred space. These mini healing alters change from day to day and this seems so wonderful for me, so feminine so welcoming so permissive and perfect for daily inner alchemy.

Don’t overthink it. Make a home for the sacred objects of your sentiment and call it an alter - preferably in the North East area of your home as this is a place of much solar and magnetic energy. Stay and meditate, dance, contemplate, read, postulate, pray..

Or make a mini Alter ‘take away’ to place a top of your mat whilst you practice elsewhere. And then take them home, back to your Alter - the outer projections of the inner Alter of your precious heart. Try it for you. 

4. Practice Mindfulness

In the day to day life, become mindful of what you are doing. Become the witness, watch the scene from a place of observing and notice the slowing of brain and mental activity. Be here now and slow down the continual process of thoughts, feelings and emotions.

My husband is wooooonderful at this. He has a well developed gift of sinking into a moment and letting it unfold as it may, the doing of which keeps him steady in the swirl of life and capable of responding joyfully within a spontaneous flow. 

5. 10 minutes of Spiritual reading

Ive a stack of books by the side of my bed that changes by topic or mood and I tend to one or more of them for a small time daily. Interestingly as much as my young boys love books, they manage to leave Mamas ‘special’ books alone, possibly for similar reasons to the Alter.

6. Be aware of the breath

Be with the magic of your breath.

Prana (which is the primordial life force or Chi) is carried upon the breath and thus the supersonic sweetness of life itself. A wonderful morning practice is sitting for some moments with breath awareness and assigning the inhalation with the inner sound of SO and the exhale with HAM. For each inhale notice the coolness of the breath moving down to touch the diaphragm and melt into the pause before Exhaling even more slowly. Work with each breath usefully for as many minutes as you are free; soothe all levels of your being - the very anatomy of your soul. 

7. Bringing stillness to the eyes

When the eyeballs are kept still, large amounts of blood and oxygen go to the brain. Thinking pauses and opportunities for quietness and observation emerge. Thoughts arise that can be observed without preference and released into the expanding blue sky of your awareness. The very process of meditation is to clear this metaphorical blue sky of consciousness. We have a practice for this, its called Trataka is the very effect of stilling the eyes by gazing into a quiet flame. This technique is particularly beneficial for pacifying the over-thinking or striving mind (see Pitta).

8. Experience Faith

Faith means total trust and when we have faith in ourselves we love ourselves as we are, imperfections, blemishes, limitations and all. The very practice of disciplining oneself to deepen their faith in self, creates a cobblestone path direct to the unblemished heart which pulsates steadily throughout every life experience completely unperturbed. The deepest heart is the self-experienced heart, loving witness to every brush stroke on the canvas of life - your completely unique art. 

Note: The word discipline comes from the root 'disciple'.

Practice as a disciple of your deepest heart.

How about you. Do you have a Spiritual practice ? What does it look like ? Try something described here and let me know if it resonated with meaning. I love to hear from you.

How to get your doTERRA Oils

Nothing more Nothing less;   Natures pure intelligence at her best !

Nothing more Nothing less; Natures pure intelligence at her best !

Its possible to order your oils retail yet it makes the most sense to become a member for many reasons !

The standard doTERRA membership entitles you to wholesale prices (25% off retail) for 12 months. There is absolutely:

  • No obligation to order minimum amounts or to order monthly.
  • No obligation to order again, ever. Although 70% of customers do reorder because they love the product so much.
  • No obligation to renew your membership (if at the end of 12 months you would like to renew your membership for another year the cost is $25 and doTERRA will send you a free 15ml Peppermint as a thank you).
  • You also gain access to promotions, free product (doTERRA are very generous with this) and ongoing learning.


1. Visit my website

2. Select "Join & Save" 

3. Select language and country 

4. Select “Wholesale Customer” (cannot sell doTERRA) or “Wellness Advocate” (can sell doTERRA)  

DT How to sign up ss 1.png


5.  Enter your details

In the Enroller ID and Sponsor ID boxes my name will show up.  If it is not there already write;   5440212   Please ensure that this is correctly filled in so I can best support you.

In the Enroller ID and Sponsor ID boxes my name will show up.

If it is not there already write;


Please ensure that this is correctly filled in so I can best support you.

Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon, Melaleuca, Oregano, Peppermint, doTERRA Breathe®, DigestZen®, doTERRA On Guard®, Deep Blue®(5 mL)

Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon, Melaleuca, Oregano, Peppermint, doTERRA Breathe®, DigestZen®, doTERRA On Guard®, Deep Blue®(5 mL)

6. Select your kit

(here are the top two)

The Home Essential Kit is the top choice for most people to get started.

It includes the 10 most popular essential oils (15ml if not stated otherwise)

PLUS the Petal Diffuser and Wellness Advocate Introductory Packet.

+ 100 Points (dōTERRA dollars) to spend on further orders through the Loyality Rewards Program, all wrapped up with a lovely wooden box.

+ 100 Points (dōTERRA dollars) to spend on further orders through the Loyality Rewards Program, all wrapped up with a lovely wooden box.

The Natural Solutions Kit is also called the "Lifestyle Make-over Kit"

An amazing bundle of goodness that offers a fresh start and huge savings, it not only includes the ten most popular essential oils and Diffuser, also special doTERRA Essential Oil blends like: Clary Calm, Serenity, Balance and Elevation + Supplements: Life Long Vitality and others. + VerágeTM Skin Care Collection + Fractionated Coconut Oil + Deep Blue Rub + dōTERRA Salon Essentials® Conditioner dōTERRA Salon Essentials® Shampoo + dōTERRA ON GUARD® COLLECTION: (Beadlets, Cleaner Concentrate, Foaming Hand Wash + 2 Dispensers, Laundry Detergent, Softgels, Toothpaste)


Note: If you want to select your own oils, choose “Introductory Kit/Welcome Package" and type the names of the oils you'd like in the box. 
Optional items you may want to add to your order: Fractionated Coconut Oil for making rollers and diluting your oils; Petal Diffuser if you've chosen a kit without one.

doTERRA ordering 5.png

7. Enter in your payment details & go for it !

Once your order is processed you will receive (not only your gorgeous oils in the post soon - yipee) some email inspiration from yours truly. Annnd some additional goodies ;)

Contact me if you have any questions, anything. I am here to help and so excited to share the magic of a plant empowered life with you. 


How to choose your Essential Oils

It takes 5000 tonnes of raw plant material to make 3 litres of precious pure Rose oil

It takes 5000 tonnes of raw plant material to make 3 litres of precious pure Rose oil

Quality is paramount in choosing essential oils. In order to maintain safety and efficiency, the oils you choose Must be sustainably, indigiously sourced and of the highest quality. The oils I recommend are dispensed from one of todays leading, most trusted Essential Oil providers, who sustainably sources its oils from the countries and communities each plant is native too and has rigorous testing procedures to ensure every drop is the pure essential oil and nothing more, or less. 

This is a big deal as according to leading Essential Oil researchers, up to 75% of essential oils on the market today are in some way tampered with and there is no regulatory agency to illicit change.  The company I source my essential oils from offers transparent practices that make available laboratory testing of single oils to the public, ensuring purity and trust within the Essential Oils community.

For me this was an important part of my decision in choosing the company I chose (above all other companies) but ironically, not the deciding factor !


After rigorous investigation and experimentation of many of the Essential oils on the market, my head was spinning. (Take a look - or better yet, don't - at all the propogander circulating throughout the google pages)

In choosing the best company to partner with, I knew that the decision would be an important one for me for two main reasons.

Firstly, the relationship we have with botanicals is highly personal. It is (or can be) beautiful, scared and something that filters through into ones entire family, their community and I really don't have any inclination towards needing to defend such well researched and heart made choices with anyone.

Secondly, for me, this company would provide the wonderful opportunity of reigniting my inherent entrepreneurial creativity - a way for me to build a lucrative business within a well informed tribe; a community content and inspired to join me in sprinkling the magic of pure plant based wonderment worldwide. Maybe that could even be you and if it is, then please reach out :)

I digress... If you'd like to read a little more about my Essential Oil journey, find the blog post here.

Back to the story !

So. Thereupon consuming, digesting and assimilating all the necessary jargon, I let the mind stuff settle and went directly to the practice; using the oils in my day-to-day life.

It took me almost 6 months of sampling and trialling the products of the two major essential oil leaders, to make my choice and I must say it was a difficult choice as the quality of both companies is truly high ! 

Quite surprisingly though clarity arrived one fateful day after watching the emotionally gripping movie LION.

My goddess, I watched that movie in tears; not the gentle dainty kind of tears that accompany a tentative sniffle and dab of a tissue no, the gut wrentching snot laden tissue box emptying kind of tears that invite 'a little lay down' after the ordeal. For those virgin to the film about which I type, here is the synopsis courtesy of IMBD

A five-year-old Indian boy gets lost on the streets of Calcutta, thousands of kilometers from home. He survives many challenges before being adopted by a couple in Australia. 25 years later, he sets out to find his lost family.
— https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3741834/


The entire first hour of that film touched all the pain points of being a mother. Having spent a good portion of time in India during my younger explorer days, I was transported, my present mind reeling with dismay, every cell in my being wailing - "But they are only little boys !!!" 

This movie beautifully illuminates the abysmally dismal situation of extreme child exploitation that India maintains as a hideous stain.

Not two days following my exposure to this film, I fell upon the following and my choice was made.

Operation Underground Railroad
The doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation is proud to be partnering with Operation Underground Railroad (OUR Rescue) to bring healing and hope to the world. OUR Rescue exists to rescue children from sex trafficking by utilizing some of the world’s experts in extraction operations and anti-child trafficking efforts.

OUR Rescue’s Jump Team, consisting of former CIA, Navy SEALs, and Special Ops operatives, lead coordinated identification and extraction efforts to rescue children being trafficked for sex.
— https://www.doterra.com/US/en/healing-hands-foundation-about

Its hard to read, I want to look away and yet; in Yoga we'd call that Avidya (ignorance) that, and philanthropy is a cause ever close to my heart. I have always offered my time, finances and services for the greater good and even now since becoming a mother this has remained unchanged, perhaps however rescaled.

What I have found from my experiences of giving charitably over time, is that (exceptions recognised of course) it makes sense to support foundations already organised. It makes getting the dollar to exactly where it is needed to go, easier and more effective. 

Learning of doTERRAs humanitarian efforts was certainly the change maker for me and I am delighted to not only be using their superior quality essential oils - also to know that my product usage and propagation supports the Healing Hands Foundation (amongst other philanthropic efforts), directly.

If you feel called to join me, on my team, within the blossoming doTERRA healing tree; 

Contact me with your top 3 health concerns and I'll get in touch with some solutions. Or if you know you are ready to join me on the journey immediately

Follow these instructions


Purchase your starter pack here

Wishing you all the LOVE and miracles of a plant empowered life,

xo Amber

Blended to bring light into the darkest places, Hope offers the full purchase price of each bottle as donation to support the work of ending sex trafficking world wide via the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation.

Blended to bring light into the darkest places, Hope offers the full purchase price of each bottle as donation to support the work of ending sex trafficking world wide via the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation.

Faith.      Belief.      Hope.      

To have hope is to hold in your heart the possibility of embodying the whole. Happiness is your birthright. Born wide eyed and full of soul, sometimes its necessary to be reminded of your invincible dynamic might.

The doTERRA Hope blend is a courageous concoction of cleansing Bergamot, innocence restoring Ylang Ylang and perspective shifting Frankincense; tickled by the steadying scent of vanilla in a base of fractionated coconut oil.

Apply this gorgeous blend directly from the roller bottle. It's fresh, playful and enlightening perfume comes in handy during times of trauma recall and despairing stress.

Be reminded of your nature as whole.

Our plant friends are wonderful ally's on this path and a little hope, goes a long way.

Would you like to purchase a bottle of doTERRA Hope for your own ?

Why I quit with Essential Oils

Ganesha Mudra embrace. May all obstacles to your highest Grace, be removed from the way !

Ganesha Mudra embrace. May all obstacles to your highest Grace, be removed from the way !

I use essential oils everyday and in so many ways. On my body, diffused, in lotions and potions and even with know-how, internally. 

To withhold any of this information would be to withhold a big part of who I am and all that makes me, me!

Scattered throughout my offerings, my yoga, teachings and contributions I will show you how you can incorporate botanical extracts into the elevation of your everyday experience of life.

But first, let me be clear on something - I took a sabbatical from consciously using Any essential oils for about 3 years and here’s why.

I became jaded. Jaded by the surge of essential oil consumerism, injury and fallacy. I didn’t want to participate in the evolution of modernistic botanical reach, it was a perceptual train wreck to me and so instead I retreated. Retreated from that which had only ever been a deeply personal communion with the most potent form of botanical healing I'd known. For me, the unregulated face of the Aromatherapy I'd cherished became endangered and I felt as though I'd lost a home. 

During that time I deepened my study of herbalism. I was pregnant with my first son and instead of inhaling aromatics, I’d sit with, listen too, lay beside, seed, harvest, prepare, macerate, medicate, craft with and ultimately dance with plants. The actual plants. The whole plants, their different parts, their colours, their grit, grime (sometimes slime) and the personality of each. The plants enveloped me inside of a heady curiosity, carrying me through the seasons on a cycle of deeper states of presence, Wonder and awe. Some things can’t be rushed.... and the whole process nourished my yearning for home.

I first studied clinical aromatherapy in 2001 at the Australian School of Clinical Aromatherapy. I was soon to be living in a little house just up the street and had been experimenting with oils wholeheartedly (uneducated and full of curiosity) since my first purchase of 40 oils in a wooden box, some years before. 

Like most new to the world of Aromatherapy I was SMITTEN. These oils seemed to save my life. Really. I was struggling with change, leaving a relationship that I’d far outgrown and entering an adulthood that my adolescence couldn’t rectify no matter how hard I tried. Cedarwood was my ally then, Geranium and Lavender not only quelled the tremors of my mind they also appeased a suppressed yearning for expression that little patches of eczema erupting on my neck tried to hide. I shared so passionately about my beloved botanical allies and how they’d transformed the relationship I had with upcoming milestones in my life. They set me on a path of deeper intimacy and truly, the rest is history.

Furthering my education in Essential oils and the study of Aromatherapy, I delved into reflexology with massage soon becoming a modality that served as a catalyst for deeper remedial and clinical qualifications.

Essential oils guided me through the gamet of understanding chemical toxicity, and eradicating harsh cleaning supplies, body care products and food stuffs from my home. Their unique, natural and harmonious chemistry infiltrated my senses to rewire expired beliefs, confirming a deeper knowing that as organic organisms, we humans need to live organically. I was never formally taught that and it was these experiences that transformed me, sustainably and for life. 

And then after all those years of deep intimacy, private experimentations and joyful revelations; I became jaded. It seemed as though all of a sudden, everyone started sharing about essential oils. Seemed as though all kinds of far reaching claims, promises and consumption demands were being made; all for the pull of a dollar.

And something so beautiful, so healing and so sacred for me became void. 

I shied away and it wasn’t until my second born was admitted to the emergency room at 2.5 weeks old with a (unknown at the time) benign stomach virus, that my knowledge and need for these powerful plant extracts reignited. You see in the very next room a 4month old whooped day and night with pertussis - a potentially deadly childhood disease. I diffused a suitable dose of melaleuca in our room to clear the air, with a drop of lavender to soothe. Body, mind and soul, they offered protection and it was palpable. After a 3 night stay we were freed and since then my good ol’ botanical extract/essential oil friends have been reverently reintroduced to our home.

Having braved that sabbatical, I developed a whole new respect for essential oils and am grateful for my time of being ‘jaded’.

Essential oils need to be respected. And to respect them is to know how to use them. 

I have joined the company doTERRA as an independent distributor - a Wellness Advocate. Because after much exhaustive research, I’ve fallen in love with the company and their essential oil based products above all others. I use them on myself and for my family, daily, wisely and would love to help you do the same for you and your family ! Join me and many other like minded future friends, on the journey.

Contact me with your top 3 health concerns and I'll get in touch with some solutions. Or if you know you are ready to join me on the journey immediately

Follow these instructions


Purchase your starter pack here

Wishing you all the LOVE and miracles of a plant empowered life,

xo Amber

The Most Orgasmic Banana Cake... Ever!

So named by the wonderful www.theresedowolf.com

So named by the wonderful www.theresedowolf.com

The boys love to help me make this cake, just as much as they love to eat it ! Jasper is a little too young just yet to fully comprehend the actions of kitchen alchemy and so, just like his big brother did, he learns from watching Mama's familiar steps over and again. 

We must have made this cake dozens of times. Gluten free, vegan and nutrient enhanced versions have all been tried. Each attempt has been in the very least edible and a testament to the forgiving nature of this rather delectable and enthusiastically dubbed 'orgasmic' Banana cake.

To follow is the basic recipe - written entirely from memory as I've made it so often - from which you may like to create. 


  • All your ripe and ready bananas, about 450 grams
  • 120 grams of pitted dates
  • 70 grams of almonds ground to a meal
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 2 eggs (vegan ? use an egg substitute - worked for me !)
  • 2 Tablespoons any milk
  • 2 cups of flour (add 2 tsp baking soda if the flour is any version of 'plain')
  • 130 grams Olive Oil
  • 2 Tablespoons Mollasses (optional)
  • 3 Tablespoons coconut sugar (optional)
If you have a Thermomix, lucky you ! It will be a breeze making this cake but don’t despair if you don’t - a wise (wo)man always uses what is on hand.


  • Preheat your oven to 170 degrees. 
  • Grease & line a 23cm cake tin with baking paper.
  • Mash or blend together your bananas and dates (if mashing, it will be helpful to soften the dates by soaking them in warm water and then discarding the water)
  • Add all the remaining ingredients and thoroughly combine.
  • Pour your Banana cake batter into your prepared tin and blow it a kiss as you pop it into your oven.
  • Drape her in a foil blanket after about 30 minutes to prevent 'over tanning'. 
  • All up (and depending on your oven) your Banana cake yumminess will be ready in around an hour.
  • Insert a stick through the middle to see if your well-loved batter is now cake.
  • If so, yay congratulations on creating magic today ! 
  • Feeling elated by your success thus far, remove your creation from the oven and place in the tin on a wire rack to cool for 5 minutes. 
  • Then, turn it out and let cool a little before diving in.
  • Delicious with a hot cup of tea, enjoyed solo or with equally delighted company.

Did you try it ? Did you love it ? Let me know in the comments below ! I love to hear from you.