What makes your heart beat ?

The power of our life-force is channelled through the breath.

The liquids of our bodies that enliven the organs that sustain nourishment to our brains all are driven by Prana; the intangible force that beats our heart and gives us each moments anew, to renew relationship to thought.

How we think shapes our response to what is and how we may become. Basically, to understand Prana is to know that our very existence is a miracle, an unlimited opportunity to explore possibility.

To make this read a bit more tangible;

Walk with me.

The greatest issue I have with any kind of head-cold, sinus or chest congestion is that it messes with the clarity of breath. As all keen yogis will attest, breath carries life-force across the bridge (of the nose) between the internal and external words. Breath is our responsive mode of regulating the nervous system and thus positively powering the immune system.

It's is a litmus test of experience; something for which we pay great attention and create space to attend to it's nuances in the preservation of participation with life itself.

When our breathing pathway is in anyway affected, it's very difficult for the body to calibrate it’s vibrancy and the mind to subside harmoniously.

Dealing with some seasonal congestion ? Visit this blog post for practical, botanical and Yogic support.

In the case of emotional congestion

Grief and pain land on the brain and infiltrate the lungs like a torrential rain. It's an experience of suffocation where the weight of constriction blocks ability to release what is stuck and hinders ones openness to receive the healing life-force of love. 

Laurel Leaf, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Melaleuca, Lemon, Cardamom, Ravintsara, & Ravensara

Laurel Leaf, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Melaleuca, Lemon, Cardamom, Ravintsara, & Ravensara

Essential Love - Come up for Air

& this friends, is one of the profound reasons I love, adore and advocate for the use of Certified Pure Tested Grade Essential Oils.

The doTERRA Air blend (pictured here in a pre-diluted roller bottle for direct dermal application) is a must have tool to reach for in any times of physical, mental or emotional congestion.

The Aroma is light, fresh, expansive, clearing and opening. The effect is instantaneous. The naturally occurring constituents of 1,8 cineole literally open the pathways of respiration to invite the breath to move.


  1. Topically; roll the Air Touch blend over wrist, along the inner collar bones and below the bow of the lower ribs. Through the pores of the skin, the oils sink in and travel to the root of the congestion internally.

  2. Inhale simply; to draw the tiny particles of natural intelligence onto receptors that work to communicate with the physical and mental responses necessary, as directed from the brain.

With every inspiration invite the spirit of the life-force that lives within each breath, deeper. Empty long exhalations and release any stagnant energies of the past that are no longer conducive to the space. Settle into the cycle of genuine love and healing.

Dealing with Grief

None is immune and yet how do we go on when something changes to impact so fully ? How ?

The only likely answer - Gently, go gently. Tread with great care and devotion to stay present to the subtleties of support available, within your capability. Enter your own space of tender healing. Feel each moment and move through to the next, step by step. Breath by breath. Do what you need too when you’re feeling all the feels that resemble the old adage "Misery loves company" - choose your company wisely; reach for your Air and go from there. Let the Pranic intelligence of nature create pathway. 

With great care.
Namaste love,

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