The Moon and Enlightenment - A Woman's legacy

Full moons are about completions, endings or the stepping into of that which we've be working towards for a long time.

That radiant orb basking light into the night sky is a beacon, to remind us of the majesty, the cyclical nature of life.

This particular Luna Lamp is a pertinent one for me, as it arises during the culmination of my 40th trip around the sun and with it, a tangible felt sense of inner ease and maturity - of which I sure hope is not only momentarily ;)

I stumbled upon a quote the other day, regarding Enlightenment; 

One is living in full accord with Natural Law. Spontaneously Nature is supporting us: then we are not in the dark about anything.
— Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

The beauty of these words is revealed in the simplicity.

There is nothing to seek - be only you, present in the awareness that you Are the magnificence of life. It helps when we afford ourselves the moments to unplug, to connect fully with our nature As nature and be intrinsically reminded of the miracle of our full breathing magnitude.

Cultivate this understanding until it sings your cellular truth.

In practice, this may be as simple as looking for the moon, as a reminder of polarity, the sacred play of every beings luminosity. That giant amass of minerals is a huge reflective surface for the light of the sun, and sure enough, she has her moment of meeting those rays and shining in full splendour every month.

Before again then comes the wane.

Sans wane, we'd enjoy not the awe of seeing her fully again !

Some months can seem longer whilst others fly by, yet the full luminosity she radiates into the darkness is something upon which we can regularly rely.

Three things can not be hidden;
the sun, the moon
and the truth
— Buddha

The presence of the moon communicates the cycle of birth-growth-full bloom-harvest-decay-death-rebirth. Every month, this captivating phenomena of mother nature demonstrates an important process of the growth cycle, which LIVES in the very body of every woman - in varied inclinations of energy.

The body of a Woman, born to the earth is a micro-cosmos of this Luna macro play. Approximately every 29 days the tiny moon of her creativity, travels to her womb awaiting union with the sun seed. Sans seed, there falls the wane, the physical release gives way to decay and ultimately the promised potential of re-emergence.

The body of a Woman speaks cyclically and is an important whisperer for women to listen too for whole body harmony: she communicates the cycle of birth-growth-full bloom-harvest-decay-death-rebirth; for Every month, this is what is happening within the womb.

Unfortunately, we live in a society that focuses predominantly on the birth to blooming phase, negating the importance of the harvest to death aspect, which Lives in mother nature as an important process of the growth cycle just as it lives also in the very body of every woman.

For whole body health, my greatest recommendation for all Women of all ages, is to practice Sacred Timekeeping and become fully aware of both the Luna phases in the sky and that held within her own body. Shall the physical experience of cyclical practice be unavailable, then attune your rhythm with the Moon.

Gaze upon the Full Moon, view the peak as opportunity to release any unfertilised dreams OR step into the conception of new direction. Nurture each seed intention of intuited creativity and never negate the importance of the release.

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With maximal Luna light and love,

Namaste, Amber

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