Why I quit with Essential Oils

Ganesha Mudra embrace. May all obstacles to your highest Grace, be removed from the way !

Ganesha Mudra embrace. May all obstacles to your highest Grace, be removed from the way !

I use essential oils everyday and in so many ways. On my body, diffused, in lotions and potions and even with know-how, internally. 

To withhold any of this information would be to withhold a big part of who I am and all that makes me, me!

Scattered throughout my offerings, my yoga, teachings and contributions I will show you how you can incorporate botanical extracts into the elevation of your everyday experience of life.

But first, let me be clear on something - I took a sabbatical from consciously using Any essential oils for about 3 years and here’s why.

I became jaded. Jaded by the surge of essential oil consumerism, injury and fallacy. I didn’t want to participate in the evolution of modernistic botanical reach, it was a perceptual train wreck to me and so instead I retreated. Retreated from that which had only ever been a deeply personal communion with the most potent form of botanical healing I'd known. For me, the unregulated face of the Aromatherapy I'd cherished became endangered and I felt as though I'd lost a home. 

During that time I deepened my study of herbalism. I was pregnant with my first son and instead of inhaling aromatics, I’d sit with, listen too, lay beside, seed, harvest, prepare, macerate, medicate, craft with and ultimately dance with plants. The actual plants. The whole plants, their different parts, their colours, their grit, grime (sometimes slime) and the personality of each. The plants enveloped me inside of a heady curiosity, carrying me through the seasons on a cycle of deeper states of presence, Wonder and awe. Some things can’t be rushed.... and the whole process nourished my yearning for home.

I first studied clinical aromatherapy in 2001 at the Australian School of Clinical Aromatherapy. I was soon to be living in a little house just up the street and had been experimenting with oils wholeheartedly (uneducated and full of curiosity) since my first purchase of 40 oils in a wooden box, some years before. 

Like most new to the world of Aromatherapy I was SMITTEN. These oils seemed to save my life. Really. I was struggling with change, leaving a relationship that I’d far outgrown and entering an adulthood that my adolescence couldn’t rectify no matter how hard I tried. Cedarwood was my ally then, Geranium and Lavender not only quelled the tremors of my mind they also appeased a suppressed yearning for expression that little patches of eczema erupting on my neck tried to hide. I shared so passionately about my beloved botanical allies and how they’d transformed the relationship I had with upcoming milestones in my life. They set me on a path of deeper intimacy and truly, the rest is history.

Furthering my education in Essential oils and the study of Aromatherapy, I delved into reflexology with massage soon becoming a modality that served as a catalyst for deeper remedial and clinical qualifications.

Essential oils guided me through the gamet of understanding chemical toxicity, and eradicating harsh cleaning supplies, body care products and food stuffs from my home. Their unique, natural and harmonious chemistry infiltrated my senses to rewire expired beliefs, confirming a deeper knowing that as organic organisms, we humans need to live organically. I was never formally taught that and it was these experiences that transformed me, sustainably and for life. 

And then after all those years of deep intimacy, private experimentations and joyful revelations; I became jaded. It seemed as though all of a sudden, everyone started sharing about essential oils. Seemed as though all kinds of far reaching claims, promises and consumption demands were being made; all for the pull of a dollar.

And something so beautiful, so healing and so sacred for me became void. 

I shied away and it wasn’t until my second born was admitted to the emergency room at 2.5 weeks old with a (unknown at the time) benign stomach virus, that my knowledge and need for these powerful plant extracts reignited. You see in the very next room a 4month old whooped day and night with pertussis - a potentially deadly childhood disease. I diffused a suitable dose of melaleuca in our room to clear the air, with a drop of lavender to soothe. Body, mind and soul, they offered protection and it was palpable. After a 3 night stay we were freed and since then my good ol’ botanical extract/essential oil friends have been reverently reintroduced to our home.

Having braved that sabbatical, I developed a whole new respect for essential oils and am grateful for my time of being ‘jaded’.

Essential oils need to be respected. And to respect them is to know how to use them. 

I have joined the company doTERRA as an independent distributor - a Wellness Advocate. Because after much exhaustive research, I’ve fallen in love with the company and their essential oil based products above all others. I use them on myself and for my family, daily, wisely and would love to help you do the same for you and your family ! Join me and many other like minded future friends, on the journey.

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Wishing you all the LOVE and miracles of a plant empowered life,

xo Amber