Ayurvedic Autumn feels




  1. a woman in a position of authority or control.

    "she is always mistress of the situation, coolly self-possessed" - Google Dictionary

I often feel as though I’ve two mistresses.

Both devastatingly beautiful, unique, giving and gracefully bold in their own right.

The longest relationship, with me in and through, is with the one who nourished my blood and bones during the early years and the other; she bathes my curiosity here and now as an adult.

Deeply enchanted by the wisdoms given by both, I make best efforts to stay centred within the contrast and am humbled by the blessings of living such a high quality conundrum !

If this all sounds a little mysterious, I am describing two entirely differing terrains of the great Mother; my birth country Australia and the land Switzerland upon which I currently reside and raise my family.

As the Swiss Autumn seasonal cycle ignites, her peachy hue of softening light swoons upon my senses and I find myself devouring the transition with all the devotion of a Yogi adept to noticing and alchemising it all.

Home is a vulnerable topic for me, as any soil born baby would relate with; finding themselves planting roots over lands formed beyond unfamiliar seas.

Even after 7 years here abroad, the conversation is ever fresh and vulnerable.. But Not in a dry, rough or cold way, (which are all qualities of the deepening Autumn season) rather a yielding, abiding warmth and sweetness maintains; ever enhanced with a dash of saltiness (at times) and harnessed by ‘sour power’ which moistens the palette and brings any dispersed energy of the spirit back to the heart.

As children of the divine we must allow our humanness to shine. In and through every quality and taste of life, it is always a good idea to honour and bow to the magic of the unseen; to recognise the cyclical nature of things and see that in every season there are so many ways to embody harmony.

Ayurveda, the science of life, so beautifully neutralises all the complexity of wonderment with one core teaching and it is this.

Like attracts like and opposites harmonise

Attributes of Autumn.jpg.png

With the rise here in the Northern Hemisphere of Autumn, we begin to experience the environment becoming more cold, dry, rough and light. These are all qualities of the Vata dosha, born from the elements - air and space.

For those with more Vata in their constitution, this is the perfect seasonal opportunity to ensure that all the practices of lifestyle and nutrition that encourage moistening, warming, soothing and grounding are embraced - as these are the balancing qualities of Vata, the harmonising counterparts.

The chart to the right highlights in red the main attributes of nature that come from the elements Air & Space - the Vata dosha. Invite balance by seeking practices that encourage harmonising these qualities in your daily life.

Nutritionally, consider that the elemental construction of Vata - Air and Space, is Bitter in taste and thus grounded by Sweet, Sour and Salty on the palette.

Tastes to favour in Autumn.jpg.png

This linked recipe for Dandelion Pesto respectfully bids the Summer season adieu with a tilt of the hat to the Bitter taste helpful for balancing Pitta dosha, which culminates to a peak in the body from about now to mid November.

For those with more Pitta in their constitution - Fire with a little Water for flare - you may well be experiencing the elevation by way of inflammation, skin irritation, easily overheated mind body and emotion.

In such case, adhere to Pitta balancing Yoga, lifestyle and dietary guidelines to enjoy some relief until the Pitta declining rise of winter.

For those already feeling blown away by the Autumn breeze, check out this post with 3 yummy recipes to help fill your seasonal transition with thoroughly enjoyable eats.

I hope these words are helpful to you. Reach out and let me know in the comments below. I love to read you and respond to every one.

Love and peachy Autumn sun,

Amber xoxox

WILD ORANGE Essential Love, perfect for Vata support

(Citrus Sinensis) “Wild Orange, Oh sweet friend Be with me, fill my senses with clarity quell this lofty illusion of scarcity I love your warmth and zest enduring.”

(Citrus Sinensis)
“Wild Orange, Oh sweet friend
Be with me, fill my senses with clarity quell this lofty illusion of scarcity
I love your warmth and zest enduring.”

With a nature that revitalises and uplifts, Wild Orange is an oil that helps us to let go of challenging days. Because being over-wired and over-tired got no-one anywhere, ever.

An immensely friendly oil, Wild Orange disguises her clarifying temperament with a sweet and playful presence that encourages the re-arranging of unhelpful perceptions.

For many, she quenches an insatiable inhale and allows the exhale to lengthen; bringing a knowing reminder that sweetness ripens in learning how to let go, root down and receive.

For clarifying the emotions

  • Place a drop directly into the hand, rub palms vigorously and deeply inhale. Enjoy a long exhale and then repeat, repeat, repeat.

For household love

  • Add to your DIY surface spray cleaner to cleanse and purify.

  • Diffuse a few drops to clean the air and uplift energetic space.

Health and wellbeing

  • Enjoy a drop in a teaspoon of honey to soothe a sore throat and bolster immune function.

  • For muscle inflammation, mix a 3% dilution with a carrier oil and massage over the site.

  • For difficulty relaxing at bed-time mix a 2% dilution with a carrier and massage into the feet.

Food and cooking

  • For a special spritzer treat, mix 1-2 drops in a little honey and stir into drinking water.

  • Add a drop or two to your morning smoothie to add a pop of orange taste.

  • 1-2 drops in a pumpkin spice cake is Delicious !

    Wild Orange is a beautiful and safe oil to welcome into your home.

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