I'm a passionate wife, mother and yogini living in Switzerland with my family.

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My practice has evolved over decades and what I teach has always reflected my practice. I am originally from Australia and have been teaching Yoga for over 15 years. I have an extensive background in dance, martial arts and remedial clinical practice. About a decade ago, I began traveling and teaching globally. I live in Switzerland now with my husband and two young sons.

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How to work with me


Find out about the Yoga I offer and how you can join me, both in the studio and online !

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It's an impressive word, with an even more impressive meaning ! Want to know the basics and how you can begin living in greater harmony with life ?

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Essential Oils

Ready to enter the world of powerful plant medicine ? Mother nature has the answers you need.

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Personalised, inspired. Its all about you. Experience first hand, the power of one-to-one mentorship.

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I have known Amber Spear for 13 years. We met when we were teaching at the same venue. Since then we have followed each others lives through teaching, co creating yoga events, travelling to India, moving countries and now entering the life of parenthood. She is one of these clever caring types who has the ‘knack of delivery’ and who is authentic in her delivery on her take on yoga and life. That’s what I like the most about Amber, she is authentic and worth spending some time with, super real and a terrific human being.
— Cameron Coutts - (Senior Yoga Teacher) Perth, Western Australia